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Our Business Model

Our Methods

Based on our understanding of specified requirements, we submit technical and financial proposals, including:

  • Methodology
  • Resources plan
  • Management and administrative plan
  • Quality Control
  • Work implementation plan and related timelines
  • Cost of services

With an unwavering committment to facilitate our clients to achieve their goals, we strive to be the most intelligence-driven and responsive security services firm in the industry. Our services include

Work Management Structure

We provide operational, administrative and quality control necessary to supply the agreed services and to achieve required quality standards at every level of service delivery. A project team is established under a team leader, usually an officer or manager, depending on the size of each work team and the overall magnitude, nature, and complexity of the engagement.

Quality Assurance and Control System

We hire the best people, provide necessary initial and continuous training, motivate and supervise personnel in the performance of assigned duties in order to deliver best-in-class services.

The group’s operating assets are maintained and repaired at its own facilities and at dealerships with quality certified workshops. Maintenance is in accordance with manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.

Staff Selection

Required personnel are recruited through a structured process involving pre-screening for satisfactory personal details and work history and other requirements for each position.

Background Check

We conduct background check on all employees before deployment. This includes taking of finger prints and checking with Police central crime registry.